Stack PT Schemes  

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NPL’s Emissions and Atmospheric Metrology Group organises a range of UKAS accredited (0016) proficiency testing (PT) schemes in the stack measurements area. NPL is a global leader in the provision of proficiency testing schemes; schemes are available in the areas of stack emissions, environmental radioactivity and gas metrology.

There are two stack emission schemes in operation:

  • Particulate
  • Gas Measurement and Gas Cylinder

The Gas Measurement and Gas Cylinder scheme replaced the separate Gas Measurement and Calibration schemes that NPL ran until the end of 2013. The scheme runs once per year in July. Measurements under this scheme are conducted at NPL Teddington.

2017 will be the first year where concentrations are aimed at those found from WI, LCP and Gas Turbine (GT) emission sources.

The Particulate scheme is run bi-annually in May and October with test items sent to participants.

A PT scheme provides a way of assessing the performance of laboratories by a series of regular inter-laboratory comparisons. Proficiency testing schemes are used by laboratory accreditation bodies as part of the process to assess the ability of laboratories to perform tests and measurements competently for which accreditation is held. UKAS policy on proficiency testing is laid out in their document: TPS 47 -  TPS 47 'UKAS Policy on Participation in Proficiency Testing'. The policy states that “all accredited testing laboratories shall participate in PT/ILCs where such schemes are available and relevant to their scope of accreditation”. Participation in a proficiency testing scheme for stack monitoring is also strongly advised by the UK Environment Agency's Monitoring Certification Scheme (MCERTS).

Schedules for the current rounds of each of the schemes can be found in the relevant section on the website.