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Schedule + Costs:  Gas Measurement & Gas Cylinder Proficiency Testing Scheme

2017 Schedule:


Deadline / Date

Round 16 Registration Opens

6th February 2017

Round 16 Registration Deadline

9th June 2017

Round 16 Visit to NPL

4th to 7th July 2017
11th to 14th July 2017
18th to 21st July 2017
2nd and 3rd week
depending on demand

Round 16 Results Submission

10 working days after testing

Round 16 Report Issued

14th September 2017

For the first day of testing of each week (4th, 11th & 18th July) the concentrations will be aimed at those found from Gas Turbine (GT) emissions. Concentrations for the 2nd to 4th day of testing each week will be aimed at those found at WI and LCP sites. GT test days will generally have higher nitrogen dioxide and oxygen concentrations than those found on WI and LCP days.

The Gas Measurement & Gas Cylinder Scheme will be conducted at NPL. Measurements of three test concentrations and gas cylinders will be completed in one day. The details for testing on the day can be found in the individual protocols located at: Forms and Protocols.

Range of concentrations for Gas Measurement Component:

Pollutant Maximum Minimum Unit
SO2 90 5 PPM
NO 180 20 PPM
NO2 60 2 PPM
CO 70 5 PPM
C3H8 9.9 1.5 PPM
O2 17 2 %
H2O 20 1 %

The price for participation of a single test team in the Gas Measurement & Gas Cylinder Scheme is £2200.00 + VAT.

Test teams may report up to 2 instruments per determinand for both the Gas Measurement and Gas Cylinder components.

Participants will be invited to set up instrumentation the day before testing, between 4pm and 6pm only.