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Cost for participation is £419.00 + VAT per site, for which participants will be sent one foil shim (from a choice of three different sizes) and two simulated probe washings.

One probe washing is accredited under ISO/EN17043 and will be in the range 5 to 20 mg. The second probe washing is a non-accredited solution and will be in the range 1.0 – 5.0 mg. This solution will be used to assess the industry’s capability to measure probe washings at the lower end of real-life scenarios. NPL will be looking to extend its UKAS scope in 2017 to include the low salt ontent washing solution.

Additional foil shims will be charged at £207.00 + VAT each.

(Please note that a charge for shipping by dangerous goods courier is included in this price for participants in mainland Great Britain, but that additional charges will be made for shipping to all other locations.)




Round 16 Registration Deadline

7th April 2017

Round 16 Sample Despatch

4th May 2017

Round 16 Results Submission

1st June 2017

Round 16 Report Issue

29th June 2017


Round 17 Registration Deadline

22nd September 2017

Round 17 Sample Despatch

19th October 2017

Round 17 Results Submission

16th November 2017

Round 17 Report Issue

14th December 2017